Year 8 Summer Market

Year 8 Summer Celebration Market!!! 

In the mood for some summer fun?  Come along to the Summer Celebration Market at ESC!

When: Thursday 24th November, 12pm to 1:30pm 

Where: Emerald Secondary College Quadrangle 

What: Food and drink stores, carnival games, summer inspired products 

Cost:  Entry is free, and all goods and services will cost $1 or $2 dollars 


As part of the learning for Year 8 Economics, the year 8 students are running their own market stores, and they would love you to come! 

In order to make the handling of money as simple as possible, we will be using a token system.  You will be able to exchange money for tokens at the entrance of the market and use these tokens at the market stores.  Each token is worth $1.  Any unused tokens can be exchanged back upon exit. 

The students will use the money from sales to firstly cover any costs involved, with any profit being divided up between group members.  In other words, the students are looking to make some money!  This real-life experience, and incentive, will help ensure our learning is authentic, rich, and comes with an element of risk! 

We’d love to see you there! 



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