Many of our students travel to and from school via either the public buses or the school buses. All students are required to hold a valid bus pass and/or MYKI.

The College has a role to support PTV as it needs to monitor all students travelling on buses for emergency management purposes.

Bus Travel – Public Bus 695 to Emerald & Belgrave – On some days, especially Fridays, there can be an increased demand from students wishing to catch this public bus in the afternoon. Parents of students wishing to catch a public bus need to be aware that the driver is required by law to carry only a certain number of passengers. Once this limit is reached students will have to wait for the next bus on that service (usually a 15-20 minute wait).

Bus Information

The member of staff responsible for BUS information is Chamila Herath. [email protected]

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is currently strictly enforcing the rules and regulations in regard to the students bus travel. Please be advised that only eligible students may access a school contracted bus free of charge. The attached leaflets will help explain the School Bus Program and assist you in determining your child’s eligibility to travel on a school bus.

School Bus Information 2024

Please see the ‘related documents’ section at the bottom of the page.

Parent Drop-off / Pick-up and Parking Zones

There are designated areas for parent parking (upwards of 40 spaces) plus a pick up lane where parents can drop-off or collect their students. We would ask that no drop-off or pick-up occurs in the bus/road exit lanes (next to the angled parking). This is not only for safety reasons but also to allow a flow of traffic. The College also requests that parents not park or remain stationary in the drive through lane, as traffic, including school buses, will be blocked on the main road. Please observe the clearly marked no standing areas. Refer to the map for further information on where these areas are located.

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