ESC Clubs

Astronomy Club

Our astronomy club is part of the Telescopes in schools program run by Melbourne University. This gives us access to experts to help with our program. We are also partnered with Mount Burnett Observatory. We host special events with guest speakers as well as running our regular club. You will complete STEM and Astronomy activities while we wait for it to get dark and then you will build your skills and knowledge of astrophotography, taking photos of Nebulae, Jupiter, Saturn and anything else our scope finds.

Art Club

Art club is on every Tuesday afterschool. This is a space for you and like minded individuals to learn new skills and develop your artistic abilities. Extend your understanding of different materials and mediums by trying them in a pressure free environment. You will have the opportunity to enter multiple different competitions allowing you to display your work

Book Club

If you admire books and reading is your hobby, Book Club is the best space for you. You will meet with like-minded individuals and discuss different books and authors. You will also receive lots of recommendations for new books! This is a great opportunity to combine a love for reading and socialising. Being part of a Book Group is a wonderful way to connect with other readers, spend time with friends, and  find new good reads as well as re-visit old favourites. Each month we will vote on a new book to read. After you have had some time to read and digest the book we will meet again to discuss our thoughts, ideas and favourite parts.

Homework Club

At Emerald Secondary College we aim to support you in any way possible. To help achieve this we run a homework club after school every Tuesday through the Resource Centre. We have staff that attend to help you with any questions you may have about your school work. Although your subject teacher may not be in attendance there will always be someone there to help.

Breakfast Club

The Emerald Rotary Club kindly hosts a breakfast club on Tuesdays and Fridays each week in the wellbeing centre. If you arrive at school feeling hungry this is a space where you are welcome to come fill up your belly before a big day of learning! Breakfast club is free for all students and you are encouraged to join in and bring your friends for some toast, cereal, fruit or even a hot milo.

Instrumental Music

At ESC we offer lessons in a range of instruments including: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass and Percussion. 

ESC also has a wide variety of bands to join. Taiko drumming is also offered at ESC. Ensembles are free to join, and no experience is required. They give students the opportunity to develop musicianship and to perform at school concerts.

Student Representative Council

The SRC at Emerald Secondary College plays an active role in the running of our school. Our student voice is an integral part of our planning and philosophy at Emerald. As an SRC member you will discuss, vote, and act on issues relating to your fellow students and the wider community. You will help with planning and organising fundraising activities, with decisions made as to how you would like the money raised to be distributed.

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