2024 ESC Wellbeing Team

Felicity Wooden – Wellbeing Coordinator

We also have extra support workers in our team

  • Psychologist – 2 days
  • SSSO social worker – as needed
  • Specialised support as needed

Wellbeing provide individual counselling and support to all students as the need arises. We also help families with support and referrals to specialised external agencies when required and provide case management for students with ongoing issues.

It was such an exciting year in wellbeing this year – we ran so many programs we had been missing in the past 2 years.  It was great to get small groups back to focus the support with like-minded young people.


Learning Effective Communication Skills

  • This program is aimed at the Junior School level and is developed in response to recognition of reduced face to face social communication between students over the past two years. The program aims to increase student confidence across areas such as: Forming friendships, having courageous conversations, managing conflict, big emotions, and re-framing negative thoughts into positive ones

Rated R

  • The Incremental Project is a project that comes to ESC every week for 8 weeks to run The Rated R program with some young men from years 9 and 10. The program is designed to strip away barriers and create a safe space where students can be involved in a range of activities to support them with issues critical to their wellbeing. Some topics covered are identity, emotions, relationships, conflict, effective Bystander, decision making and resilience.

Capturing Community

  • The project, “Capturing Community”, is an 8-week program organised by Pages for Wisdom and has been funded through Cardinia Arts. The program involves an exploration of self and identity where the students develop skills, techniques, and concepts to produce a self-portrait.

Young Men’s group

  • Cardinia Shire Council Youth Services come to ESC to run a young men’s group – this program runs for 6-weeks covering a range of topics relevant to young men. This is an interactive discussion-based program.

Young Women’s Group

  • Cardinia Shire Council Youth Services come to ESC to run a young women’s group. The program covers many topics, including consent, friendships, body image and social media.

Breakfast Club

The School Breakfast Clubs Program is a Victorian Government initiative delivered in partnership with Foodbank Victoria. We are very happy to be offering breakfast at ESC. Every Tuesday and Friday morning, breakfast is offered to all students – cereals, fruit, toast, baked beans, spaghetti, and hot Milo. We offer a huge thanks to Rotary Club for volunteering to help serve the students

Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance is a program run by Cardinia Shire to support all LGBTQI+ students and all those who support them.  Every Monday at lunchtime, Wellbeing is open for students to gather, discuss issues, support each other, learn, and organise specialised days, such as IDAHOBIT and Wear it Purple Day.

IDAHOBIT Day and Wear it Purple Day

We celebrate the day with lunchtime fun – painted nails, painted cheeks, coloured hair, cupcakes, make badges and above all, raise awareness and acceptance.

Lunchtime Programs

Wellbeing is open every lunchtime, we run a variety of activities for all students – everyone is welcome

  • Games room – Board games, card games, Tabletop Wargames, Pictionary, and we are always looking for more ideas from students.
  • Quiet Space – The purpose of this space is to allow students to have ‘quiet time’ to engage within activities that they find support them to de-escalate any ‘big feelings’.

Wellbeing days

Years 7, 8 and 9s participate in their own year level wellbeing day – it is a workshop style day where every student goes from group to group, so they have the chance to participate in everything.

Topics covered are Cyber Safety, Resilience, Mindfulness, Gardening, Yoga and Fun in EPAC

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