Assessment & Reporting

At Emerald Secondary College our focus is excellence in learning and teaching, and assessment forms a crucial part of effective learning and continual improvement. Effective feedback is at the heart of the learning process, and students receive constant feedback on their progress from teachers in class. The College uses a range of formal assessment and reporting practices. All Learning Tasks appear on Compass and parents and students can access ongoing feedback on student progress.

All students in Years 7-10 undertake Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) which are assessed through a common rubric. The rubric outlines the dimensions of assessment and the student’s achievement in these dimension, contributing to an overall result.

All CATs, Learning Tasks and Exams are assessed using the College Assessment Scale.

Students studying a Modified Program to meet their individual learning needs are assessed against the Modified Tasks Assessment Scale from A* – E*.


Students receive a Progress Report every six weeks on the Positive Learning Behaviours. The frequent reporting allows for timely support and intervention for students where needed.


Detailed Semester Reports are published at the end of every semester and summarise student achievement. Students are expected to submit and receive a passing grade for every CAT and Exam to receive a ‘Satisfactory Progress’ pass for the semester. CAT Redemption processes are also in place to support students.

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