Years 9 & 10 – Exploring Future Pathways

The Middle Years

The Middle School Course Guide contains information about Year 9 and Year 10 course selection. The Year 9 and 10 curriculum at Emerald Secondary College is a combination of core units at each year level and combined year level elective units at 9 and 10. The core and elective units will prepare students for the wide variety of subjects and pathways offered in The Senior Years.

This guide should be used by students to help plan their pathway through The Middle Years by selecting combinations of subjects which compliments their strengths, interests and pathway aspirations and goals.

The future of work is changing, therefore Emerald Secondary College believes the way students learn is also changing.

Recent research shows that current careers advice needs to shift away from jobs and focus on skills to meet the everchanging and evolving workforce and its requirements. Research also shows that employers have shown an increased demand in digital skills, critical thinking, creativity skills and presentation skills.

After a recent school review Emerald Secondary College is implementing a new program for The Middle Years. We hope to increase student voice and agency through providing greater motivation and interest with a revamped vertical elective system.

The vertical elective system will give students greater choice and the ability to increase their studies and develop their skills in areas of interest to help reach their pathway goals. We will also be undertaking professional learning as a staff to implement new teaching strategies to enhance differentiated learning in the classroom and to see an increase in students stimulated learning.

Our motivation as a college was borne about by creating a learning community that is engaged, happy and flourishing.

Learning is at the core of everything we do.

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