Senior School.

Senior School

As we approach the second half of term two, in Senior School, we approach some of the busiest times of the year. Across the senior years a vast majority of the students have settled into their study habits and created healthy routines. We are in full swing with assessments including SACs and SATs, these have been done in class and afterschool.

Some updates and important information below.  


We appreciate you keeping your child(ren) at home when they are unwell, and we wish them a speedy recovery always. Please be reminded that our VCE students require medical certificates when absent to support the VCAA requirements of 90% attendance. Students should be when able accessing lesson plans from compass and keeping as up to date as much as possible and or must understand that catching up is an essential part of VCE studies. All ‘Areas of study’ are assessed for each student, and it is their responsibility to seek and complete anything that has been missed.

From the handbook: All absences need be approved by the College.  The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) mandates a requirement of attendance for teachers to validate/authenticate student work. Only the following absences will be approved by the College and not be considered as part of the minimum 90% attendance requirement:

  • Illness – a medical certificate is required.
  • Bereavement – contact the Senior Sub-School prior to the absence where possible.
  • Other Educational Activity (e.g. if you are on an excursion for a distance education unit/ excursion/ sitting an exam etc.) – you must notify the VCE/VCAL Team Leaders.
  • Other – if there are other valid reasons, these will need to be discussed with the Senior Sub-School Leader before the absence (if possible) or as soon as possible afterwards.


Family holidays, part time work, license tests, illnesses without a certificate and other similar causes for absence are not acceptable School Approved absences.


SAC / SAT Calendar

Semester 2 SAC / SAT calendar will be published in week 11 of term two for our students and families to plan and support study routines as our students flip to studying unit 2 / 4.

The GAT – Tuesday 18th June 2024

No Year 12 classes will be running on this day. The GAT is broken in to two sections.

Section A – 9:00am- 11:15am
BBQ lunch provided
Section B – 1:15pm – 3:00pm

The 2024 GAT (General Achievement Test) is on Tuesday 18th June 2024.
This is completed by ALL Year 12 VCE and VCE VM students and any year 11 student completing a year 12 (unit 3/4) subject. 

  • The GAT assesses your skills against literacy and numeracy standards – these are essential skills that show you’re ready to move on to further study, training, or employment. It will give you confidence that your skills are at the right level to support you, whatever you choose to do after school.
  • The GAT also assesses your skills in mathematics, science, technology, the arts and humanities.
  • GAT results are important for checking that VCE external assessments and school-based assessments have been accurately and fairly assessed and can be used to calculate Derived Examination Scores.


Year 11 Exams

The exams for year 11 studying a Unit 1 subject will be completed during week 8, Monday 3rd June to Thursday 6th June. No year 11 VCE classes will be running this week. VCE VM students are running as normal. The exam timetable can be seen below. For more information, please visit Compass.

All other details can be found on Compass.

Year 12 ‘Mate Day’

On Friday 3rd May our Year 12 students had a free dress day. The theme of the day was ‘Mates’ as we build connections amongst the cohort. People were encouraged to dress up in ‘friend inspired’ costumes and they didn’t need to be asked twice. There were some fantastic efforts with a group dressed for a slumber party, everyone from the Mario Bros, Alice in Wonderland, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and a special shout out to Mr. Reid who dressed as a Year 12 (in PERFECT uniform) because the Year 12s are his friends 😊

The Year 12s were treated to a hot chip lunch which was enthusiastically received by the students.  The day was filled with smiles, and it was excellent for building connections among the group.


Emily Hay- Head of Senior school 

Rebecca Holmes & Sean Reid – Yr 12 Learning & Engagement Leaders

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