Year 8 Sport  

We had teams go out for badminton and netball, and it was a great day.  The netball girls finished 2nd and the badminton girls will proceed to regional level after winning the day. 

Junior Boys Netball – Monday 15th of May

Two teams of excited Year 7 & 8 boys headed to Pinks Reserve to play netball on Monday; they had a great day and came away with a few wins too.

Well done to all involved. 

Regional Cross Country 

The following students have moved on to regional cross country at Yarra Glen Race Course on the 12th of June:

Lucy, Tia, Alice, Jasmine, Miah, Myra, Lily, Nate, Jude, Xavier, Lincoln, Brad, Ziggy, Tyson, Toby, Jackson, Sterling and Noah. 


Yvonne Mauger – Sport Coordinator 

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