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As our Year 12 students go through their final (ever!) classes, we are looking ahead to the exciting and important period ahead.

Below you’ll find information about our end of year plans for both Year 11s and 12s.

Because we have VCAL, Unscored and Scored students there is a multi-tiered approach required, so please read through the following information carefully:

Friday September 16th Last day of classes for Senior VCAL and Unscored students.

Senior VCAL and Unscored students will need to submit their Clearance Form (available on Compass and the Senior School Office) to the Senior Sub-School to ensure they have met requirements. Students who successfully complete the Clearance Form are not required back at school in Term 4.

October 4th – 14th

(Week 1 & 2)

Year 12 VCE classes continue to run (exam preparation).

Any VCAL or Unscored students with coursework outstanding or a low-attendance rate will be required back at school with their regular classroom teachers: students have until Friday October 14th to meet requirements.

Tuesday October 4th  (Week 1) Wole school assembly, which will include a section to farewell the Year 12 cohort (speeches from captains, etc.).
Monday October 17th (Week 3) Last day of VCE classes.
Tuesday October 18th (Week 3) Celebration morning to farewell Year 12s (breakfast with families in the canteen and quadrangle followed by a Year 12-only assembly in E-Pac during p1). All Year 12s will be offsite before the start of recess.

Other Year 12 News

Have you seen the 2022 Year 12 End of Year Policy? This is now available on Compass newsfeed – please read it so that you understand our expectations of Year 12 students during this critical period.

Also, this week Year 12 students were sent home with forms and information for the Valedictory, which will be held on November 16th at Bunjil Place. Please read and return forms to the Senior Sub-School as soon as possible.

Year 11 End of Year Plans

November 7th and 8th (Monday and Tuesday Week 8) Year 11 exam revision days (no timetabled classes to allow Year 11 students time to prepare for exams).
November 9th – 17th Year 11 exam period
November 21st – 25th Kickstart week for 2023 Year 11 and 12 classes (VCAL/VM and VCE). During this week our current Year 10s move to Year 11 and our current Year 11s move to Year 12. Students will “kickstart” their 2023 classes and will be given coursework to complete over the holiday period.
November 25th  (Friday, Week 8) Last day of school for all Year 11 VCAL and VCE students.


Good luck to all our senior students with their upcoming assessment periods!

Senior Sub-School Team

Jack Talbot, Bri Holder, Sema Yildirim, Meg Gogerly

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