School Announcements & School Council Report

Dear School Community,

Following the March AGM, the ESC School Council consists of a mix of experienced and fresh faces, to continue the rich discussions ensuring the decisions affecting our students are first of foremost in the interest of the students. Being one year from putting together the schools Strategic Plan, we are well on the way to reaching goals with improved attendance rates, appropriate changes to the school uniform and increased opportunities for student voice, just to name a few.

Often with the stresses of life it can be very easy to focus on the negatives however, a productive School Council celebrates the positives and uses these to work towards addressing any issues. The stability in the leadership of our school means we can work together with our student body and community to have productive conversations about all areas of the school, whether they be points to celebrate or issues that need to be voiced. There is a real focus on providing accessible education for everyone and the data reflects that our school is most certainly heading in the right direction. There should be no doubt that ESC is the school of choice to be able to provide all the families in our community with the education required to fulfil future goals.

With Term 2 being short, we are well and truly heading towards the exam period. We would like to wish everyone the best for their exams – remember, if you do your best, you have done enough. Finally, if any families have any queries or concerns and for whatever reason contacting the school is difficult – reaching out to members of School Council is another possible avenue. There are six parents on School Council that no doubt you’ll see around the community and our fantastic four College Captains are well known to our student body. We always welcome constructive feedback, if there are any issues you feel need to be addressed pleased don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Nadia Beardshaw

School Council President

[email protected]



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