Vision & Values



–          Inclusivity

–          Care and Compassion

–          Playing a positive role in the school community

–          Respectful Relationships

–          Teamwork

–          Optimism

–          Concern for the welfare and needs of others

–          Service and contribution

–          Collaboration and cooperation

–          Contributing to a safe, secure environment

–          Strong partnerships between parents, teachers and students

–          Working together in a positive and constructive way


–          Learning

–          Growth

–          Aspiration

–          Achievement

–          Personal best

–          Development of self-discipline and pursuit of improvement in all endeavours

–          Doing your best and supporting and celebrating others to do the same


–          Behaviours and actions

–          For self, others, the physical environment and property of others

–          Rights of all members of community to achieve their full potential

–          For individual differences

–          For individual differences and diversity in our community


–          Wellbeing

–          Empowerment

–          Trying new things

–          Courage to give and accept advice for improvement

–          Perseverance and persistence

–          Positivity adapting to change

–          Providing opportunities for everyone to participate and feel included

–          Strong sense of worth and the capacity to overcome setbacks with optimism

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