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Student Leadership News

Our Student Parliament and Student Representative Council continue to evolve and grow together.  Together, staff and students have agreed upon processes and ways of working to ensure Emerald Secondary College students are well represented and have authentic voice and leadership opportunities.

Why do we have an SRC?

  • Staff : Student Liaison: Better decisions are made within a school if everyone who is affected by those decisions is involved in making them in some way. This results in better decision-making, and more effective implementation of actions.
  • Active citizenship: Research shows student learning (particularly about being an active and informed citizen) and results improve where students are actively represented in decision making. Secondly, research has shown that student learning and school results are improved in schools where students are actively represented in decision making.
  • Improved relationships: Schools in which there is active participation by students are generally happier and safer places, with better relationships between all members of the school community.

Our SRC and Student Parliament provides voice for students in all areas of the College including:

-Buildings & Grounds

-Teaching & Learning/Curriculum

-Social Justice/Fundraising

-School rules and frameworks

-Issues/concerns facing students



Pyjama Day

Our College Captains are leading a fundraiser to support The Pyjama Foundation which raises much needed funds for children in foster care.  Students and staff were, on Friday 21st, encouraged to wear pyjamas/Oodies and donate to this cause.

Our fundraising for this event continues and we’d love for you to support this initiative.  You can donate here:

The Pyjama Foundation – Tanja Korsten. This link is also available through our social media posts




Community Service

Our Community Service leaders Olivia and Taesha have been busy conducting meetings with various community groups such as our local primary schools, MYLI library and Emerald Glades Aged Care facility.  We are excited to be making partnerships with our local organisations and look forward to working together on projects, sharing skills and resources and getting our students out into our community, as well as inviting community members into our school.  Our first project with Emerald Glades has  begun – students in Years 7-10 have been invited (via Compass) to express interest in visiting the facility and spending time with some of the residents – this might involve art/craft activities, playing games or even teaching them a trick or two on their electronic devices!


So far this time all of our students have participated in a Year level or Subschool Assembly to set expectations for the term.  Many year levels have also acknowledged NAIDOC Week, and have participated in their first Dogs Connect Student Presentation – getting to know our Wellbeing Dog Axel and all about the three expectations.


School Dog

Our Year 7 and Year 8 students have also been working on posters for display around the College to support the introduction of Axel.  Thank you Riley, Nami, Elsbeth, Lucy and Ada for these creations!

As we do begin to introduce Axel into our College environment this semester, please be aware that there are ways your child can be involved in the Dogs Connect program even if they have allergic to or may be scared of dogs.  If you have any information that may be relevant to your child specifically and our program, please fill in and return the Family Considerations Checklist provided within this newsletter and return to the front office or to Mrs. Korsten.



As the winter cold snap continues this is a reminder that it is compulsory for students to wear the College uniform outlined below. Students should NOT be wearing tracksuit pants, leggings, non-uniform hoodies/jumpers, non ESC bennies/hats or white shoes.  A scarfs is allowed but they should be completely navy blue or black.
If you require any support with uniform, please call the College on 59685388. Through the State School Relief Initiative, we can order some items of uniform for free for your son/daughter while all other uniform items have a voucher towards the cost at PSW. This significantly reduces the cost of uniform items including our new tracksuit pant and puffa jacket.


Classroom Norms

This Semester a set of classroom norms will be consistently applied across the College for all classes. These classroom norms will be displayed in every classroom for staff and students to refer to. The classroom norms have been taken into consideration following feedback from staff and students and our most recent student ATOSS data.



Policy Updates:

Emerald Secondary College in collaboration with School Council has updated the following policies.

  • Dogs At School Policy
  • Communication With School Staff Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy

Please review these on our College Website.

Janine McMahon, Tanja Korsten, Jarrad Donders

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