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Principal’s Report

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Our Year 12 students received their results earlier in the week and there were some excellent outcomes amongst this year’s class of 2022

Some highlights included:                                    

Emily Tilson DUX with an ATAR of 94.45

Jade Poort with an ATAR of 93.8

Ebony Dasler with an ATAR of 90.1

Other excellent achievements!

Samuel Gerenscer

Abbey Williams

Hendrix Boyle

Michael Dance

Lachlan Whyte

Oscar Mattille

Ruby Pugh

Vanessa Dewar

61% of our cohort had ATAR scores of 70 and above and this is an outstanding effort!

There were several study scores over 40, notably in English, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Further Maths and Physical Education.

The College would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who put in their personal best. Pathways and a new horizon will open up for all of them. For all our students it was always about the journey. The class of 2022 will be remembered fondly for their warmth, good humour and service to others. The ‘soft’ skills of emotional intelligence, positive relationships, teamwork and connectedness was a highlight of their character.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of all our teachers for their input in guiding our Year 12s over their secondary schooling.

To our Year 12 cohort of 2023, the journey awaits……

To all our students from Years 7-11, well done in all your personal achievements – the summer break will give you all the opportunity to reflect on things you did well and opportunities to reflect on improving your learning journey. A growth mindset and practice, practice and more practice is the message for all our students.

Stay curious.


This year will always be remembered as the year that our college went through its School Review and formulated its direction and goal setting for the next four years. Amongst the nuanced changes, there is a different organisational structure for the school day, a new leadership structure, a Positive Education curriculum and a myriad of changes to the teaching and learning focus.

2023 will see:

  • 5 x 60 minute periods in a day
  • An explicit Pos Ed curriculum (B.E.S.T)
  • New electives through Years 9 and 10
  • Two new Sub Schools – Years 7-9 and Years 10-12
  • A reinforcing of our Late Submission of Work policy and Homework policy
  • Reinforcing our Engagement model
  • Two Engagement Leaders at each year level
  • Targetted wellbeing support for our students (as needed)
  • The completion of the refurb to A Block (for all our new Year 7s)
  • Four College Captains that will oversee a College Student Parliament for authentic student voice and agency
  • The planning for further upgrades to our facilities, as the promised 8.77 million is delivered to our college
  • Further parent input through coffee mornings with Leadership
  • Unveiling of our new values and principles of operating within our college and throughout our community

These are exciting changes that will see our college community thrive and flourish. There will be high expectations for all of us, to continue to grow our wonderful school.


The first two days of the 2023 school year will be preparation days for all our staff – this has been approved by our School Council.


Friday, 27th January 2023 – first day for staff – no students at school

Monday, 30th January 2023 – second day for staff – no students at school (Year 12s on Study Camp)

Tuesday, 31st January 2023 – Year 7 and Year 11 ONLY start – (Year 12s on Study Camp)

Wednesday, 1st February – ALL students return – (Year 12s return from Study Camp)

We look forward to a wonderful start…..but! we all have summer holidays to look forward to. If you’re going away, be safe and travel well…if you’re having a ‘staycation’, enjoy those lazy days. Whatever it is that you’re doing, take care and be well.

Thank you to all our parents for their continued support throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our entire community!

James Barut – College Principal


Assistant Principals Report

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What a year!

We are thrilled to have had our students on-site for a full year of school. As we transition to a break we wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable holiday. We have had a lot of exciting events taking place at the College towards the end of Term 4 including SEAL Orientation Day, Year 7 Orientation Day, Year 7 Parent Information night, Presentation night and End of Year Activities.

Year 7 Scholarships

Each year at our College, students who are enrolled to attend Year 7 in the following year are offered scholarships in the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Sport
  • Performing Art
  • Visual Art
  • SEAL

Students are invited to apply for all scholarships apart from the SEAL scholarship, of which the College selects the recipient.

We have been busy visiting Primary school assemblies over the past two weeks to present scholarship certificates, and congratulate the recipients of these awards.


SEAL Orientation Day

Each year at Emerald Secondary College we receive applications from students in grade 6 for our Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program.  Students who have applied are invited to sit an entrance exam and may then be invited to an interview, prior to being accepted into the SEAL program.

Last week we held our SEAL orientation day, where our new grade 6 SEAL students had a wonderful time, being challenged, enriched, and accelerated in their learning with an introduction to rocketry. Students learnt about Newton’s Laws, and designed, built, and launched their rockets on the oval. 

Parents also stayed and enjoyed getting to know each other and staff at ESC over a morning tea at the start of the day.

Year 7 Orientation Day

Our Year 7s joined us on Tuesday 13th December for an introduction to Secondary School. Our new Year 7s had the opportunity to form new relationships with staff and peers, undertake a school tour led by our college captains, play getting to know you activities with their homegroups, complete an about me task and get their photos taken. Finally, the students got to experience two class tasters before finishing up for the day. It was great to see the students buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm as they reach this milestone of graduating primary school and becoming an Emerald Secondary College student.

Year 7 Parent Information Night

Our annual Year 7 parent information night begun with a magical performance from our College Jazz Band led by our music teacher Damon Key. This was followed by an acknowledgement of country video created by our 7-9 students. Parents and students were introduced to the key teams for 2023 and addressed by the College Principal James Barut. Our Assistant Principal Janine McMahon provided an overview of Year 7 learning and the new timetable structure for 2023 was introduced along with our tutor learning initiative program and student excellence program. Parents and students were then provided an update of the program for orientation day. Our Assistant Principal Tanja Korsten outlined wellbeing supports, inclusion support and student voice and leadership opportunities. Lastly parents and students were introduced to all of the amazing extra-curricula activities we have on offer at Emerald Secondary College and reminded of some key policies and information.

Presentation Night

One of our most auspicious events on the College calendar, the 2023 Presentation Night was well celebrated by many in our Emerald Performing Arts Centre.  We were most pleased to welcome the families of students receiving awards and our special guests and friends of the College, who so generously financially support the giving of awards and the sponsorship of several students through recognition of significant achievement.  Year 7-11 students were awarded with their subject awards – for excellence in each subject at each year level.  Sports and Duke of Edinburgh awards were presented.  Special achievement awards and sponsorship awards were also presented, recognising outstanding achievement, improvement, commitment and exemplar demonstration of College values.  Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to our sponsors – Emerald RSL, Emerald Lions Club, Mandala Clinic, Area Specialist Real Estate Pakenham, A-View Glass, Barry Plant Real Estate, Afflux Consulting, MacFarlane Generators, Learning with Technologies and Tradewinds. 

Year 7 Subject Awards Year 8 Subject Awards Year 9 Subject Awards Year 10 Subject Awards Year 11 Subject Awards
Isobel Pittard

Ellie Hastings

Angus Martin

Lili Aschenbrenner

Marika Botanova

Elizabeth Parer

Daniel Beardshaw

Lucy Frauenfelder

Claire Aspinall

Lily Forster

Isabelle Whitehead

Milla Anderson

Rhys Nickell

Brad Koll

Jackson Bamford-Francis

Madi McHendrie

Myra Incoll

Elizabeth Gault

Jayden Schmedemann

Annabelle van der Schoot

Summer Clarke

Anabelle Dewar

Taesha Korsten

Amy Crosher

Miah Beardshaw

Emily Dean

Zak Anderson

Eliza Nicolic-Bell

Toby Storer

Luka Kill

Aaron Silversten

Milla Boyd

Caitlin Koll

William Latter

Sophie Butler

Eva Lushch

Max Plaggermars


Caitlyn McInnes

Ralph Amoguis

Lucy Barker

Charlotte Anderson

Eric Huecherig

Sophie Goschnick

Mitchell O’Brien

Ruby Barber

Lily Cochrane

Nathan Koll

Mitchell Blackwell

Levi Corbett

Ella McRae

Jasmine Durrell

Savannah Graham

Harry Procter

Allanah Dean

Kaylee Lodiudice

Keeley Megarrell

Daniel McAllister

Alex Barbour

Jordan Lane

Eva Griep

Briony Woods

Jarrad Smith

Madelyn Bowden

Ella McRae
Kai Hughes Charlotte Nielsen

Eric Huecherig

Hayley Mackenzie


Elizabeth Parer


Elizabeth Gault


Caitlin Koll


Lily Cochrane


Allanah Dean


Sport Awards Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Sydney Neilson

Jasmine Cochrane

Daniel Beardshaw

Miah Beardshaw

Toby Storer

Kiara Flavel

Harrison Closter

Nicholas Closter

Kiara Flavel


College Achievement Awards
Pat Jeffrey’s Most Improved Student Award Joseph Stonyer
Jameson Personal Endeavour Award Clancy Neilson

Angus Devenish

Sue Mackay Citizenship Award Harrison Closter

Nicholas Closter

Geoff Head Best All-Rounder Award Miah Beardshaw

Ethan Crosher

On Track Award Kai Hughes

Lucy Barker

Community Sponsorship Awards
MacFarlane Generators Powerful Effort Award Akira Petterson
Barry Plant Good Choice Award Isabella Kosztyi
Area Specialist Integrity Award Milla Boyd
Afflux Consulting STEM Award Ralph Amoguis
Mt Burnett Observatory Young Prime Science Award Emily Dean
Bendigo Bank Education Support Scholarship Award Emily Dean
Bob Kemp Positive Environment Award Jayden Regan

Darcy Doyle

ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award Keilah Dewar
ADF Future Innovators Award Ralph Amoguis


Our College Dux was also celebrated on Presentation Night – we were most pleased to recognise the achievements of our Dux Emily Tilson who achieved outstanding results.  This is a prestigious award – Emily achieved the highest ATAR of her cohort (94.45) through dedication and hard work.  Emily completed studies in English, Maths Methods, Biology, Legal Studies and Ancient History and intends to go on to study a Science Degree at the University of Melbourne.  Congratulations to Emily!

End of Year Activities:

What a whirlwind of fun!  Students were able to select from a diverse range of activities both in and outside of school.  Beyond Emerald our students went surfing at Inverloch, into Melbourne City on a photography tour and discovering history, to Gumbuya World, IMAX and Melbourne Museum, to Chadstone for some Christmas shopping and to the Monet Exhibition.  Back at school students launched rockets, blew up dry ice and made elephant toothpaste, investigated the phenomenon of pseudoscience and ooblec’s reaction to sound vibrations, played basketball and musical instruments, played drama games, baked Christmas cookies and treats, were involved in team challenges and sports games, participated in fun maths games, watched movies, walked dogs, played board games, did craft and karaoke and were stars in our very own Amazing Race!  It was great to see the students and staff enjoying so many fun activities together, and what a way to end the year!

International Day of Persons with Disability (IDPD) – 3rd December 2022.

Emerald Secondary has a proud history of inclusive education that supports, advocates and meets the educational needs for all students with a disability.  We want all students to feel welcomed and engaged at school, so they can participate and achieve their full potential at school and in life.  

We at the college strive to

  • Place the needs of our students at the centre of our decisions
  • Raise awareness of diverse learning needs
  • Celebrate inclusive education

On the 3rd December 2022 – We celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD).  The theme this year is “Transformative solutions for inclusive development – the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world“.  This year the College embarked on substantial reforms in inclusive education that has incorporated a rollout of a new Disability Inclusion framework.  This innovative educational framework has been embraced by the College and has been positively received by our school community.  The daily successes achieved by our students have equipped them to not only work towards but achieve their educational and life goals.  This we celebrate

Many thanks again for your ongoing support of the College.

Janine McMahon, Tanja Korsten & Jarrad Donders – Assistant Principals

Year 8 Market Day

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Market Day

Year 8 Market Day was better than expected. It had both its ups and downs, but overall, it went really well. Many aspects of the day really helped improve the overall experience. The crimson coin system, the layout, and the organisation by both teachers and students made this day possible.

The market followed a theme of ‘Summer Celebration’ and many stalls followed this. It was successful. The market was first meant to be on Tuesday 22nd but changed to Thursday 24th because of the weather. Everyone was very glad we changed the date, as Thursday was the first sunny day in forever.

The crimson coin system was one of the cleverest aspects of the day. Students, Parents and Teachers would trade in their money for crimson coins, which would be used at the market. This way, students could make a profit without handling money.

On the whole the market ran smoothly, and every stall sold at least a few products. As a group, we made around $960! This money will first be reimbursed to each student who spent money on products for their stall, then the remainder will be donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Students completed a business plan before the actual day of the market to assist them in making the day and their stall run as perfect as possible.

A special thanks to Mr McKenzie for organizing the event and to the other Humanities teachers and staff for making sure the market ran smoothly. And, of course, thank you to all the students running stalls and to the staff, students and parents that supported our stalls and bought our products.

Written by Elizabeth Gault and Taesha Korsten 8G

“The market day was awesome!” –  Jono M

“It went successfully” – Myra I

“The market day was successful, and we got a lot of sales resulting in a nice, juicy profit” – Bella W

“It was great, we had lots of fun” – Ava G

“Kinda fun” – Zoe L

“I thought market day good was apart from a few mishaps throughout the day” – Jesse H

Health & Physical Education

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PPEP Talk® at Emerald Secondary College

On Wednesday morning, our Year 9 females attended an engaging health presentation developed by medical and educational professionals from PPEP Talk® (Periods, Pain and Endometriosis Program) who work to provide education to students around menstruation, pelvic pain and endometriosis.

With 1 in 9 females likely to suffer from endometriosis, our students were provided with lots of helpful information, including what might be classified as normal versus abnormal menstrual symptoms, strategies for pain management, and where to go for further help.

Armed with interesting video clips, helpful teaching models, and prizes, our presenter, Sam, was highly engaging and full of knowledge, both asking and answering questions of the audience.

Our students were positive and proactive participants, who also provided excellent feedback regarding their evaluation of the session, which included enjoying the presentation, feeling more confident in their understanding of the condition, as well as feeling better able to make decisions regarding both recognising and managing symptoms.

 PPEP Talk® Next Steps:

PPEP Talk® also offer a follow up session called PPEP Talk® Next Steps, which is a free online session for any student who identifies a complex pain concern or would like their caregiver to know more. Students attend with a caregiver, and have the opportunity to ask questions with Gynecologist and Pain Specialist, Dr Susan Evans. Students can register for upcoming sessions here ( If you would like further information before making a booking, you can collect a PPEP Talk® Next Steps flyer from Ms Stephens.

We look forward to having the team from PPEP Talk® back next year to address a new group of students.

Melissa Stephens

Health & Physical Education Domain Leader

The Arts

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Art Exhibition

Congratulations to all students who exhibited their beautiful artworks at the Art Exhibition at the Hills Hub over the last two weeks. With the exhibition closing on Friday 16th December, we bring another year in the Arts to a close. If you did not manage to get down to see the artworks in person, here are some photos. Students may come into the Art Department on Monday 19th to pick their artworks up or at the start of the school year in 2023. Happy Holidays.

EOYA City Laneway & Photography Tour

Miss Mikieciuk, Ms Yildirim, Mr Fyfe and Mr Andrews had a most enjoyable day last Friday taking a group of junior school students into Melbourne for a Laneway and Photography tour for one of the End of Year Activities. For some students it was their first time going into the city by train! Students (and adults) enjoyed exploring the bright graffiti strewn alleys hidden throughout Melbourne and capturing some fabulous photos such as these.

Cindy Mikieciuk – Arts Domain Leader

Senior School

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VCE Kickstart

On Monday 21st November our 2023 VCE & VCE VM students engaged in a week of “Kick-Start”.

The Kickstart classes included an introduction and set up of expectations in each class, content delivery and coursework for each subject in alignment with VCAA Study Designs. Teachers set out coursework/holiday homework, with a clear expectation for full completion before the commencement of Term 1. During the week there were assemblies that established guidelines and team work activities.

VCE / VCE VM is a time where memories are created and pathways are started. We will be working with and preparing students and parents throughout many avenues in 2023, which we are really excited about.  

VCE & VCE VM Parent information Evening – Wednesday 15th February – Parents please put this date in your calendar.

In coming weeks our new Senior School Policy Handbook will be published and sent out to families. This includes information about attendance, coursework, SACs, home work / coursework and study expectations. Also included is how you can support students throughout their Senior Schooling.

We are also excited about welcoming Year 10 students in to Senior School in 2023 as part of the new sub schools. The Senior School Policy Handbook is also significant to Year 10 as it covers important aspects for them.

A reminder to our Year 12 families of 2023 the year starts off with Year 12 Study Camp on Monday 30th January to Wednesday 1st February. The program is looking fantastic and we look forward to making a positive start to the year. Payment and consent is due by 18th December, if you have any questions please contact us at the school.

We look forward to working with our students in 2023.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Senior School Team


Community News

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