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Term Dates

Emerald Secondary College Term Dates

The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate ​planning to take place for the arrival of students. Each year government schools are provided with four student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes.

The remaining three student-free days are determined by each individual school, so contact your school for details.


TermStart DateEnd DateTerm Length
1Wednesday 27th January 2016Friday 25th March 20168 Weeks
2Monday 11th April 2016Friday 24th June 201610 Weeks
3Monday 11th July 2016Friday 16th September 20169 Weeks
4Monday 3rd October 2016Tuesday 20th December 201611 Weeks


TermStart DateEnd DateTerm Length
1Monday 30th January 2017Friday 31st March 20178 Weeks
2Tuesday 18th April 2017Friday 30th June 201710 Weeks
3Monday 17th July 2017Friday 22nd September 20179 Weeks
4Monday 9th October 2017Friday 22nd December 201710 Weeks


TermStart DateEnd DateTerm Length
1Monday 29th January 2018Thursday 29th March 20188 Weeks
2Monday 16th April 2018Friday 29th June 201810 Weeks
3Monday 16th July 2018Friday 21st September 20189 Weeks
4Monday 8th October 2018Friday 21st December 201810 Weeks