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Bushfire Emergency

Emergency Management Information
Emerald Secondary College is committed to ensuring that our school community is as prepared as possible for possible emergencies such as a potential bushfire, gas leak etc. The safety of our students and staff is paramount. The College holds regular drills to ensure all staff and students can be prepared in the event of a real situation. The following information is a reminder of the key actions we would like all Parents/Guardians to be aware of:

Bushfire Response Information – Code Red (Catastrophic) and Extreme Days – Schools will close on a day declared a Code Red Fire Danger Rating Day. Emerald Secondary College due to its geographical location (in the Dandenong’s) is a school that has been placed by the Department on the Bushfire At Risk Register and due to this the College may also apply for closure on an extreme day. The College has updated lists of all bus travellers, routes and contact numbers of drivers. The College on days of potential high fire danger also checks the CFA warnings website before allowing any bus to leave the College each afternoon on those days. Any bus that potentially passes through at-risk areas or routes will either be delayed or not run and the College will inform impacted students’ parents via text message and ensure that students have an alternate arrangement in place to get home.