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Select Entry Accelerated Learning

SEAL Brochure

Year 7 SEAL Entry Application 2020

Emerald Secondary College is committed to providing academic excellence. As part of this aim, the College has been continuing to grow and develop the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program since its inception in 2008. This program provides a high quality accelerated curriculum for a select group of students with high intellectual potential. The central aim of the SEAL program is to provide educational experiences of an appropriate type and quality for that group of children, identified through the selection procedures, as having exceptional academic ability. These students are capable of high academic performance and will benefit from an accelerated and enriched learning program.

The SEAL program provides:

  • A faster paced curriculum with less repetition
  • Greater analysis of abstract, complex concepts
  • A higher level of investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills
  • And a learning environment which challenges students academically

SEAL is built upon condensing the first four years of Secondary School into three years in most subjects. This allows students to take on an individually tailored program in the last three years of Secondary School to suit their needs, goals, and interests. SEAL is a program that emphasises academic subjects, but allows for students to follow their interests in the later years of the program. There is capacity in the program for students to complete their Secondary schooling in 5 or 6 years, depending on the needs and abilities of the student.

The Emerald Secondary College SEAL Program is endorsed by the Department of Education and Training, and complies with the guidelines for SEAL programs.

Emerald Secondary College is an accredited SEAL School.