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Kickstart 2018

Kickstart 2019 - 29th Nov – 12th Dec

This year Emerald Secondary College will have a Whole School Kickstart program for two weeks from the 29th November to 12th December. Kickstart gives students extra class time for the best possible start for their 2019 course, gives students an opportunity to make early subject changes, and allows for a smooth start to the 2019 year.

2018 subjects will finish on Tuesday Nov 28th and students will then move up to their next year level for 2018. The 2019 timetable will begin on the 29th November, and students will be taking their 2019 subjects, with their 2019 teachers (where possible).

Kickstart Attendance

In Kickstart the 2019 academic year begins, and attendance is mandatory. College expectations for attendance and academic performance are the same as for the usual school year. Senior School students should note that Kickstart attendance is mandatory and counts towards Unit 1&3 attendance. Classwork tasks must be completed as part of satisfactory completion coursework for a satisfactory Unit pass. Subject changes will be completed after Kickstart.

Kickstart textbooks and stationery

English novels will be available for use during Kickstart with early purchase through the College book seller, Lamonts. Students are expected to have their new 2019 exercise books with them during Kickstart. Teachers will provide copies of textbook information for students during the Kickstart period.

If you have any questions regarding Kickstart please contact: Junior School – Minna Kanoa, Senior School – Jason Nicholas, Assistant principal – Estelle Alder