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Emerald Secondary College 1:1 Program

Emerald Secondary College is committed to providing rich and differentiated learning experiences for our students. Access to appropriate technology through the provision of 1:1 laptop computers has been a goal for the College for some time.

We believe that giving students immediate access to technology in a 1:1 program will help engage them in the learning process in new and creative ways. This is an exciting opportunity for our students who will become increasingly skilled at using technology to access and present information, to problem solve, and to work collaboratively. Students will learn to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to actively contribute as a 21st century citizen, capable of shaping our future and being productive members of the workforce.

Please note that 2019 student laptops can be purchased from any retailer that you choose and must meet the minimum specifications below.

The 2019 laptop program will no longer offer laptops purchased via the school portal online. This will result in significant savings for all familys and will allow students much more flexibilty in what device they can use.

Students now have the ability to connect their device to the school network and install any software they require for their classes.

A Microsoft office account is included with the school software package so does not need to be purchased with the device.

BYOD Minimum Requirements

The device must have:


Dual core processor


4 GB

Hard Drive

64 GB or more

Physical keyboard



Multiple USB Ports


10” minimum


802.11 g/n

Operating System

Windows 10, or Apple OSX (not windows 10 s)

Memory card Reader



Minimum of 6 hours

How to setup your BYOD device.

The below link will guide you thru how to setup your byod device onto the schools network and install your Microsoft office.

This can be done in the school grounds as soon as you have received your compass/network login user id and password.

Click Here for instructions

The IT department will also assist connecting if needed during the start of term 1.