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Book Lists 2018

Booklist Update 2018 - New supplier:
This year our booklist supplier is Lamont booksellers. There are a number of changes to our Booklist in response to parent feedback, and changes to curriculum.

Books can be ordered on the Emerald Secondary College Lamont portal at http://www.lamontbooks.com.au/textbooks-stationery/emerald-secondary-college/

Instructions on how to order through the portal can be found here

PDF versions of booklists for each year level and stream are available below

Year 7 2018 BooklistYear 7 SEAL 2018 Booklist
Year 8 2018 BooklistYear 8 SEAL 2018 Booklist
Year 9 2018 BooklistYear 9 SEAL 2018 Booklist
Year 10 & VCE Booklist

Obook or hardcopy text book?
In 2018 families will be able to choose between a hardcopy textbook or an obook (digital version).

Which is best?
Many students and teachers prefer working from a hardcopy textbook. It allows students to quickly reference information and have their laptop, text book and workbook open at the same time. A hardcopy text book comes with the obook version included, and can be sold second-hand or passed on to family members.

Obooks make a school bag lighter, are always with you, and are usually about $20 cheaper than the hardcopy text book. Different publishers have rules about the life of the access codes; some access lasts for a year, others last for the life of the edition. Some students prefer to work from an obook, and those with organisational challenges may find this option better, as they will almost always remember to bring their laptop to class!

Each family will make the choice which fits best for their student and their circumstances. We are making both choices available for you, but we do recommend, where possible, that the hardcopy text is purchased. No student will be disadvantaged by purchasing the digital textbook.